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Property Manager Gets Tough on Squatters

System - Monday, January 14, 2019

CHARLOTTE, NC — A property manager took matters into his own hands to keep repeat squatters out of a Charlotte home.

It was a race to change the locks.

“Let’s hurry up and secure this home before they come back,” said Michael Morings.

WCCB Charlotte was there as Dynasty Property Management’s Michael Morings took back control of a client’s northwest Charlotte home.

“We’re inside. So, we have possession of our home,” said Morings.

He says Turmaine Thorne and Taqiyah Barber once rented the home but stopped paying rent. He says they squatted there for months, even claimed to be the true owners in court.

“It’s been a long journey for the homeowner who hasn’t gotten rent in nine months to the tune of, I think we’re at $15,000. Legal costs, attorney costs.

So, I’m sure they’ll be happy to know that we have their home back,” said Morings.

Morings says he didn’t know they were gone until he heard the couple had been arrested for breaking and entering, accused of squatting in the family home of the Davidson Mayor.

The $2,000,000 home on Concord Rd. is up for sale.

Once the couple bonded out of jail, Morings says they went back to the Charlotte property that he manages.

Police say the couple claims to be part of the Moorish Nation.

The group is notorious for moving into vacant homes, filing false ownership deeds and arguing they’re exempt from American laws.

“They’ll look at a judge and say these laws don’t apply to me,” said Attorney John Snyder.

Snyder has represented accused squatters before. He says to protect your home: “If you have rental property, make sure you go by and check on it,” said Snyder. “Do background checks, do criminal checks, google someone. Get things in writing.”

Morings warns: call landlord references for prospective renters.

Morings says if the couple comes back, the locks are changed so they would have to break in to get inside. That’s a crime in which police can get involved in.

CMPD doesn’t typically arrest squatters because if they classify it as an eviction issue, that’s a civil matter.