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We offer a full range of property management services tailored to you as an investor, homeowner, or landlord. We have an extensive porfolio of single family homes, townhouses, condos, and apartments in the Charlotte area.

    What We Do

  • Advertising

    Contract rates with various newspapers enable us to advertise your property to its target market. We will make marketing recommendations and advise you which campaigns are working. We use other advertising avenues, such as radio, TV and internet, to obtain maximum marketing coverage.
  • Our Marketing Plan

    In order to attract tenants quickly, we advertise vacant properties through our immense marketing network. This network includes daily advertising print; email campaigns, website advertising and location signage.

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  • Tenant Screening

    We use the services of Online Rental Exchange, a nationally known credit-reporting agency, to ensure that each tenant has a good credit, criminal and eviction history. References from prior landlords and verified income and/or employment are other ways that qualified tenants are selected.

    Equal Opportunity

    We adhere to the policies set forth by HUD, Fair Housing and the Equal Opportunity Act to ensure that no one is wrongly discriminated against in the selection of a client or tenant.
  • Rent Collection

    We collect rent every month and deposit it instantly into your bank account. Our team is here to enforce late fees and other lease terms if necessary.

  • Management Plan

    Dynasty Property Management & Sales LLC is aware of the importance of effective management for the success of a housing development, condo or townhouse community. Success will be measured both in the capability of the project to be self-sufficient financially and by the ability of management to develop a strong relationship with the Tenants.

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  • Maintenance

    When an issue arises, our network of experienced contractors is here to help. You’ll be instantly notified when a new issue arises, and can track updates, photos, and invoices in real-time.

    Property Insurance

    We obtain professional advice from our insurance brokers, ensuring a full understanding of the contractual aspects of the proposal. We obtain the best rates in the market for most comprehensive contracts.


    Thorough, periodic inspections are conducted on each property under management. We complete both move in/out inspections to ensure that any discrepancies that arise are accounted for and immediately resolved. Any tenant damage will be charged to the tenant through their security deposit at move-out.
  • Emergency Support

    Our team responds to tenant inquiries and emergencies with 24/7 support. In the rare instances when they’re necessary, we handle evictions and other legal necessities as well.

    24-Hour Emergency Maintenance

    Someone from our staff is available around the clock to handle all emergencies.
  • Additional Services

    Whether your real estate investments are in one city or cover many states, we know how to position your properties in the local market to increase its value. With years of experience and comprehensive management expertise, we will enhance the value of your assets and make the most of your portfolio. Our properties remain 100% occupied due to our extensive outreach efforts.

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