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4 Qualities Any Great Property Manager Has

System - Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Property managers have the ability to make or break their teams. Great leaders help their employees and their properties reach their full potential, while bad leaders can discourage workers and slow down the productivity of the property, as well as turn residents off. When looking for a new property manager, make sure they possess these four great qualities.


Being a property manager isn’t easy. You have to juggle the day-to-day operations while still making sure each home under your care is up to the standards of those living there. A good manager will take responsibility for the successes as well as the shortcomings of the property. They will keep tabs on employees as well as residents to make sure everything is running smoothly. When a problem arises, your property manager should be open and honest about it while speaking with residents professionally about how it’s being handled.


Whether your manager oversees a small property or a large one, they’re going to have to make some tough decisions regularly. Look for candidates who understand that they need to make choices on behalf of the employees as well as the people who call your property home. Your property manager will need to act swiftly after putting in enough research to make an informed decision. These decisions can hold more gravity than those made by a manager in a regular office due to the fact that dozens of people are relying on your property manager to make the best choices for their homes.


Your employees and residents need to believe that your property manager is on their side. People want to be able to trust those that they rely heavily on, especially the organization that keeps a roof over their head. Managers should be understanding of the complaints being made about the property, as well as being understanding of their employees. Look for someone who is able to put themselves in others’ shoes and think from another perspective. If your property manager can’t empathize with those they manage, bad things can happen.


To take your property to the next level, find a manager that can think outside the box. Sometimes the best solutions aren’t the ones in black and white, which means finding someone who thinks creatively can be the best problem solver. Creative property managers are known for thinking about new ways to improve operations as well as the lives of their tenants and employees. Consider candidates who have led projects in the past, figured out new ways to improve productivity, or invent new products or services, and you’ll likely wind up with a creative manager to run your property.

Finding someone with all of these qualities can be difficult but it is possible. You want to ensure that your property is in the best hands possible, as you have a lot of people’s livelihoods to consider. Take your time to measure the abilities of each candidate, and you’ll find someone who fits the bill.