Thank you for choosing Dynasty Properties! We take a considerable amount of pride in providing quality housing to anyone that meets our qualifications. We are committed to complying with all applicable laws including all Fair Housing Laws and prohibit discrimination based on race, color, creed, sex, marital status, age, source of income and national origin. Below is a list of minimum requirements and qualifications we utilize to determine the eligibility of each applicant. The information below is provided to give an understanding of the qualifying procedure. All of the items below are necessary to assure the proper review of the application package.

Application: A signed and fully completed application for each adult 18 or older (even if living with parent or guardian) is required. A non-refundable $60.00 application fee is required before an application can be considered and/or processed. This must be paid separately from the security deposit. Payments are only accepted on-line or by money order. No cash will be accepted!

Income Verification: Applicant(s) must supply management with written verification, two current paycheck stubs, income tax forms, or letter on company letterhead stating the applicant’s monthly gross wage and length of employment. The application will not be reviewed until verification is provided. Documentation of additional income and/or public assistance (ex. Child Support, Social Security, Disability, FNS, and ADFC) is required.

Income Requirements: The gross monthly income of the applicant(s) will be considered jointly, and is highly recommend to equal (3) times the rental amount of the residence.

Identification: A copy of your current valid driver’s license or state ID card and Social Security card is required for each applicant.

Pet Restrictions: All animals are subject to management approval with a pet fee and monthly pet fee. Breed restrictions apply.

Criminal Background Check: A criminal background check will be done on each applicant. Record of any felony or violent criminal offenses could be grounds for denial.

Electric, Gas, and Water Service: Proof of Electric, Gas, and Water service will be required before move-in.

Rental Application